Landor Phototex – The Unique Non Residue Self Adhesive Fabric

Landor Phototex has become recognised as the best most reliable and stable,  printable,  self adhesive  fabric in the world. Undoubtedly one of the first in the market,  Phototex was developed by its founder to make a fabric printable when previously this was not possible.   Although there are now similar fabric products in the market feedback we have from clients confirm our pride and honour to be the “one that works” and “stays on the wall”, which we are frequently reminded of when we get calls from our customers. Adhesive and fabric is not an easy feat, and this is equally challenging when it comes to also having the right inkjet receptive coating to enable vibrant, stable and durable ink printed on the surface. Landor Phototex first became a hit shortly after its appearance in the Gadget show in November 2010 when Suzie Perry and Tony Walsh challenged each other with conventional vs digital wallpaper.

Saving time and money is at the forefront of everyone’s mind these days, and although the material cost is considerably higher than plastic and other alternative adhesive films in the market, this is but a small portion of the cost of the job or project. In the main the key costs are the labour, time, effort, risks, skill and accuracy of an installation. In addition to this is the disruption, wall and surface preparation and of course the stability of the finish artwork or graphic. This is where Landor Phototex really saves time and money. At least 2/3 of the time spent either in preparation or removal, cleaning and installing for a wall or surface is reduced when using Landor Phototex. Its flexibility to peel and stick and re-position time and again by hand gives you the efficiency and accuracy of any size of Landor Phototex installed self adhesive fabric.

You can even use it again if you want. We have displays 3m high x 1m  that have been used at trade show exhibitions since 2012 that were rolled up onto themselves removed from the exhibition and still standing strong in our company Boardroom. As well as its texture and aesthetic feel Landor Phototex can also be further protected for extended durability especially in high traffic areas and public areas by using our specially formulated Landor Wallpaper Matt Liquid Protective Laminate coating

It is for this reason we are proud and delighted to share the many features and benefits of Landor Phototex. It has been used in sports events such as the Olympics, Fifa events and Euro 2016 recently in paris.

There are so many different areas that Landor Phototex is capable of transforming venues, rooms, surfaces, office, hotels, and homes alike. If you would like to see Landor Phototex for yourself, you must let us know and we will be delighted to send you a free sample.

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