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Landor Phototex has established itself as a leading Wallpaper, or wallcovering as it is often referred to, for the discerning digital printer and designer.

Landor Phototex is easy to use due to its patented and unique low tack adhesive.

The patented adhesives’ water resistant characteristics provide flexibility as an internal and external Wall Covering.

The textile/fabric material of Landor Phototex makes it exceptionally easy to use and hang; wrinkle free. If there is a wrinkle, simply pull back, reposition and re-apply. Once you’re ready to remove Landor Phototex it is 99%+ residue free, leaving the wall ready for the next wall covering, unlike traditional wallpaper stripping.

Removing Landor Phototex is as quick as pulling a corner and pulling it down.

We are excited to bring Landor Phototex to you as a quick and easy paste free alternative to messy wallpapers. Forget about employing expensive professional decorators, just do it yourself. Designs are only limited by your imagination, get that wall covered!!

  • Revolutionary low tack self adhesive paste free fabric digital wallpaper.
  • Patented and unique adhesive specifically developed for mounting onto any non-porous flat surface.
  • Works externally at sub-zero temperatures due to unique adhesive properties.
  • Two optimised coatings and fine textured base for brilliant colours and photo quality resolution printing. One for aqueous inks, the second for Solvent, Latex and UV inks.
  • Fast dry time, immediate in most cases.
  • Patented adhesive allows repositioning of image over and over again for easy application to the wall or other surfaces.
  • Will not remove paint from primed walls and is safe to put over wallpaper.
  • Repositionable if there is a need to move from wall to wall.
  • Landor Phototex does not rip or wrinkle.
  • Suitable for machine kiss/die cutting or a hand craft knife.
  • Extra protection is achieved with Landor Marabu / Clearshield protective coatings.

Decorative Application:

Interior Design- Use Landor Phototex to create a unique and personalised space almost anywhere. The fabric texture adds body to the image and to the print to further enhance the visual experience. Seamless wallpapering un-limits the space that can be wrapped.

Brighten up your work or living space with Phototex Wallcovering - A hassle free alternative to traditional wallpaper, Landor Phototex needs no paste and when you are ready to remove it simply peels off residue free (repositionable too!). Phototex’ tough, tear resistant fabric construction makes hanging simple, adding a gentle texture to a feature wall or transforming whole rooms. Eye catching interior or exterior designs, artwork or retail displays have never been quicker to create; reducing the need for expensive professional decorators.

Home Use- A sophisticated contemporary design in your bedroom, uplifting holiday snap in your lounge or cuddly teddy bears in your kids room are now equally as easy to print and put up with Landor Phototex. Our print partners are happy to print your design and send it to you.

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