• Can you send ClearShield Liquid Laminates when it is cold outside or is it sensitive to frosty conditions? +

    It is a waterbased product which can be shipped in cold temperatures. When received during adverse weather conditions the liquid needs to be stored in warm conditions (over 18 degree centigrade) and stir well before use.
  • What is the best way to clean liquid laminates on truck curtains? +

    The best practice does depend on the application, for example a canvas would be treated differently to a truck curtain side. For more delicate applications like canvas, photographic and other inkjet prints, we would recommend using a soft cloth or sponge dipped in a solution of warm water and mild detergent. Cleaning products for babies give good results due to their mild nature.

    Truck curtain sides should be frequently cleaned otherwise dirt will build up. There is a temptation to use abrasive scrubbing or solutions containing alcohol to remove the dirt which could compromise the Liquid Lamination coating and create a porous surface allowing dirt to build up easier afterwards.

  • Is there a Liquid Laminate I can use on my UV curable inks? +

    The CSX5000 Series a perfect Liquid Laminate for UV ink prints (it’s not just for truck curtains!). It works well as a Liquid Laminate coating on its own, it can also be used a pre-coat. For example – if you want to provide anti graffiti protection for UV printed work, you apply CSX5000 as a ‘pre-coat’ prior to applying the anti graffiti coating. Added protection and piece of mind that the bond will be as you want it.
  • I am about to use your ClearShield Type C in an HVLP Spray system. Do you have any recommendations on pressure setting and what ratio to mix the liquid laminate with water? +

    For HVLP guns the pressure we recommend is 30 PSI at the gun. The ideal tip size should be 1.3 mm but you can use up to 1.6 mm.
  • I normally use film laminates but I have a really big job, is there a size restriction with Liquid Lamination? +

    The only size restriction you may have is with a Liquid Lamination Machine. We have customers creating super wide banners often 7m x 5m with Liquid Lamination. They generally use our Anti-Graffiti Liquid Laminate for added protection.
  • Should I apply liquid laminate to canvas before stretching around a frame or after? +

    We would recommend liquid laminating before it is put on a stretcher frame with our Canvas Liquid Laminates.
  • I am printing with HP Latex inks and want to make a vehicle wrap, what is the best Liquid Laminate? +

    Our CSX 5000 liquid laminate is designed for vehicle wrapping and works exceptionally well with HP Latex inks. The CSX 5000 can be used for a multitude of other applications with the HP Latex inks, assuring adhesion and protection.
  • If I want detailed technical information about Liquid Lamination are there material safety datasheets available? +

    We have a concise library of MSDS (Material Safety DataSheets) available. Please send an email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. with your request and we will reply straight away.
  • I use 20 degree Satin LL & want to put coated stickers on an Urn containing boiling water up to 100 degrees, would that be possible? +

    The dried coating will not react to that temperature. We would expect the adhesive would have a reaction before the dried film.
  • How many ml is there in a standard ClearJet aerosol can? +

    There are 460ml in each tin. In regards to coverage, consideration needs to be made for coating twice and some loss to the atmosphere. A good estimation of coverage is 1-2 m2 per spray tin.
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