Landor Is the Exclusive Partner, Distributor and Territory representative for the unique Phototex Self adhesive fabric within UK and Europe. We are proud and honoured to represent the very best and unique adhesive fabric in the World. Its unique patent and manufacturing process has simply placed it as the no 1 adhesive, yet removable if desired fabric in the World. No other fabric can achieve such excellence due to it special manufacture process.

Landor Phototex is so versatile, durable, and yet stable so it can be used on virtually any surface with the minimum of skill or time and hence risk. This provides you with the most reliable stable and durable adhesive fabric possible for all your surface print applications

Most surfaces require special preparation, labour intensive skill and time to transform walls and surfaces. Not with Landor Phototex. All you need is a smooth non porous surface and you are ready to go to install Landor Phototex.

Landor operates more as a product manager, application and Technical support consultants supporting your business needs, enabling you to develop new and profitable as well as creative innovations and profitability in your business. We welcome enquiries, and and provide support to all spheres of digital imaging – Design Agencies, brand owners, printers, designers, event and branding

  • Landor Protective Coatings, Primers, application fluids and inkjet sprays
  • Landor Phototex Self adhesive non residue – removable and repositionable fabric
  • Landor Fine Art & decoration, fine art, photo, interiors and point of sale imaging and branding